Hello Dawanda Shop Owner

Why waste precious time manually migrating your Shop to Shopify when we've made an App that will do this for you?
Dawandify! is the most feature-rich and easy-to-use automatic migration solution for listings, orders & customers from Dawanda to Shopify.

Migrate now – Easily, Quickly & Completely


All Products & Data

Fully featured integration with Dawanda - Export all products including prices, images, stock quantity and attributes.

All Orders & Transactional Data

Immediately integrate new and old orders with Shopify's order management system and its extensive reporting. All transactional data is migrated, including discounts and shipping.

All Customerss

Migrate all Customers with their data, address and phone numbers, and auto associate customers to their orders

Smart Categories, Shop Categories & Tags Organizer

Dawandify will help you organize your products' Categories and Shop Categories as well as Tag the products according to your preferences - Automatically create to new Collections, and product types.

Batch Editing of Content

Remove unwanted section from your product's content (links, signatures, etc), or batch add text to all products prior to exporting.

Detailed Logs & History

The Dawandify exporter keeps detailed logs of your past 100 exports incase anything goes wrong. Each log contains full export details and can be downloaded for detailed reference.

Secure and Private

All connections to your shops are made securely with authorization keys that you can disable at any time. None of your product, sales or customer data is stored on our server.

And Much Much More

Dawandify can auto or custom assign Vendor and stock numbers, perform currency conversion, auto-create variations, add custom tags and notes to Orders and Customers and much more!

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How does it work?

Connect Dawandify with Shopify and Dawanda and customize your settings as needed.
Run the exporter once, twice or as often as you need and migrate your products to Shopify.
Time to make some money, sell, sell, sell!

Premium Plan for All

Premium Plan
One-Time Fee Hassle free testing for 10 objects No Charge until free trial ends Unlimited product & order exports Unlimited product & order updates

Common Questions

Does it include free trial?

Yes! You can install the App for free and try it with 10 objects (products + orders), you will not be charged. If you are happy with the results, you'll be able to upgrade to Premium and export as many products & orders as you wish.

Is Dawandify a Shopify App?

Yes, Dawandify's App provides a secure connection between its service and shopify. It does not reside inside your Shopify Admin to allow features such as detailed logs, history, flexible settings, improved performance and smoother user experience.

How does this differ than CSV Exporters?

While CSV exporter are designed to work as single time exporters, Dawandify was designed to work as a single time exporter and a shop Maintenance solution, allowing you to preiodically update your inventory.

Moreover, CSV exporter do not have the same level of access as Dawandify and do not provide the same level of flexibility. Also, Dawandify allows you to pinpoint and only export or update the products and orders you need.

Will I still be able to import after Aug 30st?

Yes! Dawandify will stil have access to your shop after August 30st. You will be able to continue import your products and orders even after Dawanda closes its marketplace, you will be able to use Dawandify until the 31st of October.

Will ANYTHING change on my Dawanda shop?

Nothing at all! Your Dawanda shop will remain as is, Dawandify ONLY reads your data, and does not modify or edit any information within your Dawanda store.

Can I export only specific products?

Yes! You can migrate only specific products, product ranges or only product in a specific status (active, paused, drafts of ended). Easily select identify products by their Dawanda ID. Dawandify gives you have the power to export exactly what you need.

Can I export reviews?

Since Dawanda does not store reviews on a product level, but on a shop/transaction level - we noticed that most reviews are not products specific and would not fit Shopify's Product Reviews structure.

Is Dawandify easy to use? I’m not tech-savvy :(

That’s a good question! Each step and setting is documented and explained. Dawandify is designed to be used without leaving its dashboard.