About (or, A Short Story)

In 2013, omniWP’s first premium shop migration tool was born, and it was born out of necessity – an Etsy shop had to be migrated to WooCommerce, but we didn’t have time to manually move hundreds of products, so a solution had to be written, which reduced our migration time to a few hours. Inspired by the result, Etsy to WooCommerce Export was created – in hope that it would help other Shop owners quickly open their own shop.

Around a year later, another shop had to be migrated, this time from WooCommerce to Shopify – the experience from the tool of last year helped us to create our second solution, WooCommerce to Shopify Exporter. During the development process, we worked closely with several Shop Owners and tailor made the solution to be flexible and answer all needs.

During that year, due to requests – the thirds solution was born, Shopify to WooCommerce Importer.

Early last year (2017), omniWP’s fourth cart migration solution was created – Etsify, migrating products from Etsy to Shopify. Written in the same high standard, and using omniWP’s years of experience with either Etsy and Shopify.

In mid-June this year we were approached with a request to create a solution to help Dawanda shop owners relocate to Shopify, and this is how Dawandify was born.

omniWP at this point, has no intention in further developing other solutions, and will focus on keep perfecting and expanding the current solutions with new features, and new requests and ideas from Shop Owners.

Who is omniWP?

omniWP is a one man team, developing for the web since 2005, and working closely with Shopify and Etsy’s API since 2013. omniWP has developed several Etsy SEO tools, such as EtsyProbe and FindMyRank.

For ANY question, please feel free to contact me through the link in the bottom-right.