Privacy Policy

  1. We will never ask for any personal information from you, apart from your Email (we need that to contact you) and Name (We don’t mind if you call yourself Sauron or Thor, but a real name would nice).
  2. Your Email and Name will not be shared with anyone. Ever.
  3. You will never, at any point, be required to use your Dawanda or Shopify passwords (therefore, they are never stored on our servers).
  4. We will connect to your Dawanda through special keys you’ll create (don’t worry – its really easy), that you can disable at any time. Once you disable them, they are useless.
  5. acts as a channel between Dawanda and Shopify, it reads your Dawanda Products and Orders, temporarily recreates them locally, format them according to your preferences, and send them to Shopify. The temporary data is not saved or stored locally, and its deleted once the product is sent to Shopify.
  6. The data that is stored on our server, is your products & orders names, ids and the products relevant shop categories/collections names. This is stored locally so you can :
    1. Easily sift through the history and see all previously exported object relations.
    2. Significantly increase performance, and grant you more flexibility when assigning Dawanda products to Shopify collections.
  7. Your History logs are for you and for you only, we will not look at them (unless needed to in case of support request), and we will not share them with anybody.
  8. We don’t have partners or any 3rd party affiliates, and we don’t plan to have in the future. Your data will forever be for your eyes only.
  9. If you choose to remove your account, we will remove all your data with it. No backups will be kept of your data.
  10. All payments are processed through PayPal, we do not store any payment method data (Credit Card details, PayPal email (unless its the same as your contact email)).

Please use the contact form at the bottom right if you have any question.